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Hopkins is believed to be the father of the two older children and perhaps the youngest. He is being held in the Boone County Detention Center on a $2 million bond. A rape charge against a man who was released from prison after serving 13 years after NKU law students brought forth new DNA evidence was dismissed without prejudice this morning in Franklin County Circuit Court.

At a plea hearing before Judge Roger Crittenden, Herman May Jr. agreed not to sue anyone for improper imprisonment and pleaded guilty to a felony charge of receiving stolen property in exchange for dismissing charges of rape, sodomy and another charge of receiving stolen property, said Commonwealth’s Attorney Larry Cleveland. “We dismissed the charges without prejudice, which means we could reinstate those charges sometimes in the future and idict him and prosecute him,” Cleveland said in a telephone interview this morning after the hearing. May, of Frankfort, was released from state prison last year after students at Northern Kentucky University’s Chase College of Law acquired DNA evidence that prompted a judge to throw out his rape conviction.

May was 17 when he was convicted of rape. Expenses for property conveyancing change and it truly rely on upon the specialist, or the firm, and the measure of work to be carried out. The woman who accused him maintains that he was the person who raped her and has previously told the media she wants the state to retry him. Since his release, May has returned to his hometown of Frankfort, where he has been charged with an array of misdemeanor charges ranging from speeding and traffic offenses to shoplifting a Sony CD player Walkman and assorted stickers and magnets from K-Mart in Frankfort. The value was $93.83.

At a gathering last month of the Innocence Project, the law school program that freed him, May said “‘I’m no angel, but I wasn’t guilty of what they convicted me of,'” said Beth Albright Louis, who was part of the student team that worked on May’s case. The Innocence Project is part of a national movement that reviews cases and works to free people who are wrongly convicted. Sen. Jim Bunning urged the nation’s top transportation official on Tuesday to make federal funding available to replace the Brent Spence Bridge between Covington and Cincinnati. The Southgate Republican told Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta that the Interstate 75 bridge must be replaced because it is carrying more traffic than it was built to handle.